Carol Bellamy Collections valuations




Family Division

Loss Adjustors

Valuations are detailed schedules of a private or corporate collection that provide either a replacement or market value.  

Areas of collecting include Paintings, Furniture, Sculpture, Silver and Objet D’art.

When compiling a schedule a valuer can also offer advice on security, maintenance and the many options available regarding display either in the home or office.

Advice can also be offered in terms of growing the collection in line with current collecting trends in all fields.

Through the use of online databases now available to valuers, collections can be monitored on a world wide scale with market trends and changes applied to existing schedules.  This ensures current values are in place in the event of accidental loss or damage, probate and settlement situations.  

Each valuation comprises a comprehensive bound inventory together with a disk of accompanying images.

For further information and to obtain a quote without obligation please contact the office.