Carol Bellamy Collections Corporate

Recent Installation :  Patrick Scott : Gold Painting 50

The collections of my corporate clients typically house a selection of contemporary and modern art in the form of paintings.    Often with a lot of wall space and a busy footfall, pictures have and continue to provide good investment and colourful decorative solutions.

The benefits of starting a corporate collection:                                           

  • Enhanced working environment                        
  • Positive staff moral
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Company perceived as successful, progressive and forward thinking

"Culture is Cool" Art & Design has a younger culturally interested audience.

Where hanging space or solid walls are limited consider:

  • Large scale sculpture
  • Mobile Art / Video Installations
  • High end design pieces

In a world dominated by media technology video installations in communal areas provoke immediate reaction sparking interaction and conversation.

Approach to collecting:

  • Decide an annual budget that works for the company
  • Identify what you want to achieve with your collection
  • Consider staff deomographic
  • Consider visitor demographic
  • Assess the building with regard to hanging & display for maximum impact
  • Engage an advisor who will collaborate,  identify,  source & provide access to your preferred choice of art work

       A modest budget can successfully address spaces of high importance in a corporate setting

Improving existing collections:

  • Compile short but informative narratives about the artists and thier work
  • Create a changing environment and consider moving pieces around the building
  • Ensure areas of busy footfall are well represented by the collection
  • Look at lighting and presentation
  • Consider condition, do frames need touching up, prints re-mounted

       Changes such as these transform an existing collection and compel the viewer to perceive the art in a new way.  

With the correct display and installation, art & design in many mediums can create an immediate impression on staff and visitors and are often the start of a comfortable and universal conversation.