Furnishing a new space is the ideal time to begin an interiors collection.  All interiors require the essentials, chairs, tables, storage and lighting.  With careful selection these pieces can be the foundation of your collection.

The style and design of this foundation will set the tone of your collection and as your interior evolves both functional and decorative objects will be added to compliment enhance and complete the space.

Having compiled a schedule of appropriate sales and venues, I research and select pieces of interest relevant to the chosen style.  These pieces are discussed with the client and final selections are made.

I oversee the purchase, collection, and delivery of all pieces to the client whose participation is welcome at any time during the process and at whatever level they choose.

An on going inventory of the collection is kept, listing all the relevant details pertaining to its purchase.  Details of these purchases are then added to international databases where regular price comparisons can be recorded.

In addition to an incredible design led interior that you can live in and enjoy you now also have a growing collection, that can be monitored in terms of both value and trend.

Collecting is a great journey, thoroughly enjoyable and hugely rewarding


Carol Bellamy