Carol Bellamy Collection

Interiors for the collector

Decorative Art & Design has become one of the fastest growing areas of collecting in the past 10 years.  

Responding to this auction houses all over Europe now dedicate numerous specialist sales to deal with the ever increasing demand at the top end of the market.

This demand has seen the entry of previously unknown but talented designers to the market, not only expanding the collecting field but increasing the prospect of investment opportunities.

As a result I would consider auction as the best route to take when starting a collection. Informative well researched catalogues are produced for each sale, written estimates give you some indication of where you will be going price wise, and open competition serves as assurance that you have paid the market price.  

As your collection matures, the venues for collecting can expand to include the elite European art and design fairs patronised by the markets top collectors and Atelier.



100 years of Design

20th Century Decorative Art & Design covers a timeline from approximately 1880 – to Date. Numerous styles were born and co-existed during this period with international variations and interpretations.  


Personal preference will always influence the direction of your collection. You may find one style that appeals strongly to your taste or your collection may take on a more eclectic form with numerous styles represented. 


Whatever you decide choosing from a design pool of this magnitude you will be assured of a unique interior collection particular to your taste and lifestyle.